• Category: VR Installation
  • Crew: Aped Studio
  • Project date: 2018 ~ 2021
  • Project URL:
Applied experties:
  • VR Technology (Oculus)
  • Prototyping (3D Print & LaserCut)
  • Animatronics (Arduino & RaaspberryPi)

During my time at Aped Studio, our unique approach to presenting work incorporated classical art values such as harmony, balance, and proportion, intertwining them with contemporary mediums like Virtual-Reality, Augmented-Reality, and installations. By combining painting, music, and sculpture with new technologies, we aimed to tell our stories in a non-anecdotal and emotionally neutral manner, prioritizing the narrative and aesthetics over passing trends or rigid beliefs. As part of the team, my role focused on handling technical aspects, bringing our interactive sculptures to life through the creation of small robots, providing technological inspiration for alternative project solutions, and overseeing production planning for installations and sculptures to ensure smooth operation and maintenance, even in international settings. Notably, our installations were successfully showcased at two international Digital and New Media Festivals in Iran (TADAEX Festival, 2018) and Poland (Survival 17, 2019), while also collaborating with Escape Rooms to design automated missions and puzzles utilizing Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and Kinect technology.