I would be thrilled to connect with you and share my expertise in the following fields...

Project Management

As an experienced Project Manager, I understand the importance of precise planning, clear communication, and adaptive problem-solving in achieving project goals. Due to my experience in managing multidisciplinary projects, I have cultivated a common language that enables me to clarify intricate details in a way that each department can understand, ensuring an aligned approach towards the optimal outcome.

Design Consulting

My educational background in design, coupled with my experience in the tech world, allows me to generate fresh ideas and solutions for emerging projects in ways that weren't feasible before. As a Design Consultant, I can offer valuable insights and guidance on the design of Decentralized Platforms, Robotic Systems, and Interactive Products that seek optimal usability, and functionality.

Digital Transformation

I'm specialized in guiding organizations through the adoption of emerging technologies, process optimization, and strategic innovation to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. I can guide your business in embracing Industry4.0, integrating key technologies like Automation, Blockchain, AI, and Robotics to optimize your operations and always be on the edge of technology.