Neo Quest (MVP)

  • Category: Web3 Business Development
  • Client: Self Employed
  • Project date: 2022 ~ 2023
  • Project URL:
Applied experties:
  • Blockchain Development
  • Web Develpment
  • Image Processing

When I first discovered the world of AI-generated art, I was immediately fascinated. As someone who has always been passionate about art, but never had the time to develop the necessary skills to create my own pieces, I was intrigued by the idea of using AI to bring my imagination to life. The Stability AI platform provided me with the perfect opportunity to explore and experiment with this new technology, and I found the experience to be incredibly inspiring. One day, while hanging out with some of my artist friends, I introduced them to the AI art tool. We spent hours trying out different prompts and creating unique pieces, but then we decided to take it one step further and see if we could use AI to regenerate the face of one of our friends. To our surprise, this turned out to be a much more challenging task than we anticipated. We had to try various painting techniques, compare our friend to celebrities with similar faces, and even experiment with different artists to guide the AI towards the desired outcome. Later, while browsing through YouTube, I stumbled upon a trending topic discussing the future of AI-generated art and the potential threat it posed to traditional artists. The topic raised valid concerns such as whether it was ethical to use AI-generated art that was inspired by someone else's work, and whether AI could replace human creativity altogether. However, I believed that there was a better way to analyze the situation. Creating artwork using AI is not as easy as it sounds, it actually requires basic knowledge of art and can be seen more as a tool for artists rather than a threat. In order to explore this idea further, I researched and discovered that there were plenty of websites providing AI art engines to create your own artwork. However, there was no way to compare your work with others since everyone was creating their own individual pieces instead of working on a similar subject. This led to the birth of my idea for Neo Quest - a platform that challenges people to recreate a given subject using AI-generated art while also providing basic tutorials to get started. The platform would also allow users to compete against each other and showcase their skills, all while bringing together a community of art enthusiasts and connecting them through blockchain technology. In December, I made the decision to move to a new country, but I found myself without a job and lacking any connections to help me develop my project. Despite the challenges, I saw an opportunity to invest my time and savings into creating something that could make AI-generated art more accessible and less intimidating for artists and tech enthusiasts of all skill levels. I am hopeful that my work can contribute to this exciting field and perhaps even create new opportunities for people to work and travel while pursuing their passions.