Robotic Telesurgery Systems

  • Category: Design Management
  • Client: Sina Robotics
  • Project date: 2021 ~ 2022
  • Project URL:
Applied experties:
  • Multidisciplinary Team Management
  • Fabricating Process Supervision
  • rototype Engineering

Sina Robotics is a private company founded in 2015 after a decade of research and development in Medical Robotics. The company's primary goal is to design, fabricate, and develop advanced and innovative medical equipment, including surgical robots and advanced medical training simulators. After three months as an Industrial Designer, I was promoted to Design Manager, leading a team of four, including Industrial Designers and Mechanical Engineers. Our goal was to provide new designs to increase the system usability by improving key features like increasing the range of motion in robotic arms, designing a robotic-surgery instrument and a surgical tool detection system, and enhancing ergonomic characteristics in the surgeon console, such as the control handle, and the workstation anthropometrics.

  • Under my management, the design team resolved significant issues reported by the R&D department while obtaining crucial certificates such as ISO-13485, IEC-80601, and ISO/TC 299&150 standards, for manufacturing medical devices and robotic systems
  • Within a year, we delivered flawless designs and prototypes on a tight schedule to the R&D team so we could close our first international deal successfully and become one of the first countries with robotic telesurgery systems.
  • I supervised the manufacturing processes of the exterior parts and robotic surgical instruments, leading to an overall 10% cost saving for the whole production and a 30% decrease in fabricating expenses by choosing optimal manufacturing methods.