Sampi Seed Sorter

  • Category: Product Deign
  • Client: Soorchin Sorters
  • Project date: Apr ~ Sep 2019
  • Project URL:
Applied experties:
  • CAD (Rhinoceros 3D & SolidWorks)
  • Prototyping (Arduino & Fritzing)

Over the course of a six-month project, I collaborated closely with senior engineers to troubleshoot and enhance the functionalities of an AI-Enabled Seed Sorting Machine, Model Sampi. This multi-faceted role encompassed a series of technical and design tasks, including developing innovative alternatives for the machine's maintenance door mechanism to amplify usability and designing a semi-automatic Output Flow Controller to enable efficient management of multiple outputs such as wastes and goods by a single operator. As a natural progression of these modifications, the project also entailed a comprehensive redesign of the conveyor belt's cover mechanism and exterior. Essentially, the initiative was a harmonious blend of body and UI redesign, accompanied by consultative solutions to address and resolve ergonomic issues.